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What if you discovered an extraordinary method of conditioning that enabled you to live with minimal pain and maximum vitality by teaching you a way of moving that results in a strong, supple and energized mind and body.

The Second Wind® Method does just that.

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Recognized for “putting the soul back into Pilates”, the Second Wind® Method skillfully combines The Pilates Method with Integrated Movement Therapies (IMT)® to teach you how to move with understanding, confidence and results. 


Strength & Grace through Movement

Virtual Training through Second Wind

On-Demand Library

Have unlimited access to a variety of classes to choose from in the on-demand library.


Private Coaching with Danielle

Work one-on-one with Danielle Belec. Both in-person and Zoom options are available.


Motion Meditation

A three week on-line “meditative movement journey” that helps you live into each day rejuvenated, energetic and thankful.


Home-Office Continuum Program

Learn how to take movement breaks in the middle of your day to improve the vitality of your life with the Home-Office Continuum video series.


“Danielle Bélec is an outstanding instructor who brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience which she delivers with a passion that is compelling.”


Meet Danielle Bélec

Danielle Bélec, MA, CMA, PMA®- CP, has been a movement specialist and educator for over 30 years. She opened Second Wind® Pilates Plus® studio in Port Credit, Mississauga in 1998, running it for 17 years before moving up to Collingwood. Danielle is the creator of Integrated Movement Therapies (IMT)®, the Second Wind® Method and Second Wind‘s Pilates/Movement Therapy teacher training program, now one of the longest running Pilates certifications in Canada.

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The Second Wind Method group is about helping you connect with your own body, from the inside out.

In this group, my goal is to bring my labour of love and years of wisdom and teaching experience forward, to you!
Let's build on our experiences together.
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