Second Wind® Method

Private coaching with Danielle addresses your physical history, posture, core strength and flexibility, towards helping you improve your ability to move well, without pain. With years of experience assisting clients to heal and improve their fitness and body wisdom, Danielle guides you through Second Wind’s Pilates-based repertoire, adapted therapeutically to support physical ability, limitations and goals.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT)®

There are many opportunities in life to ask for advice, with fewer structures that encourage connecting to our own wisdom for answers. PRYT is a unique combination of contemporary psychology and therapeutic yoga/movement that assists clients to find understanding from within. Danielle helps you to connect your body and mind to heart through supported postures, stretches and dialogue, creating a healthy platform from which you can then move forward with clarity and conscious choice. Sessions address physical and emotional pain/stress, family and professional issues, life-changes, loss and depression.

Postural Assessment 

Analysis of your history, goals, strength, movement, & flexibility. This session is wonderfully educational.

$80 CAD


Enjoy 5 - 30 minute private sessions
with Danielle.

$250 CAD


Enjoy 5 - one hour private sessions
with Danielle.

$475 CAD


Enjoy 10 - one hour private sessions
with Danielle.

$900 CAD


Real People. Real Results


Are you sitting at a desk all day for work?

Keep yourself in flow with the Home-Office Continuum

  • Learn how to take movement breaks in the middle of your day to improve the vitality of your life.
  • Decreases unnecessary accumulation of tension and pain.
  • Learn to minimize over-use and mis-use of your body. Easily integrated into your day while on a call or as time-out intervals!