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“Danielle Bélec is an outstanding instructor who brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience which she delivers with a passion that is compelling.”


“The Pilates Mat & Reformer and Integrated Movement Therapies (IMT)® Instructor Certification Program offered at Second Wind® Method goes beyond learning how to teach some great exercises. It is a journey into your own physical and spiritual development that allows you to work more effectively with your clients to help them find their greatest movement potential. The level of detail within the course work in addition to great hands-on teaching methods ultimately provides you as an instructor with some wonderful tools to ensure your clients receive the greatest benefits to both mind and body in a fun and safe environment. The quality of teaching and level of care that Danielle and Sara give to their students is second to none and I will forever appreciate their commitment to providing an excellent educational experience while supporting my own personal journey. “

Christie Ellinger, Director, Dynamic Body Health & Fitness Studio, Waterdown, Ontario Pilates Certified Second Wind® Method Instructor


I chose to do my Pilates certification at Second Wind® Pilates Plus® and I am so pleased that I did. I was looking for something that would compliment my skill set as a physiotherapist. Danielle Bélec’s personal work in Integrated Movement Therapies (IMT)® is a very valuable compilation of her personal experience through years of professional dance and extensive post-graduate education. I use components of IMT® daily in my physiotherapy practice. The Second Wind® Pilates Plus® Certification Program has comprehensive teaching of anatomy, breath mechanics and body awareness that assist you in understanding the material on a much deeper level. Second Wind® Pilates Plus® does not just teach you how to do the work of Joseph Pilates but makes sure you understand the concepts within your own body. This work has helped me on both a personal and professional level. I highly recommend this Certification Program to anyone who has an interest in Pilates and IMT®.

Kim Jelly, Registered Physiotherapist, Athletic Edge Sports Medicine, Toronto, Ontario Certified Second Wind® Method Instructor 


“The Pilates and Integrated Movement Therapies (IMT)® training at Second Wind Pilates Plus has been ‘jam packed full’ of information. I thought I knew my body but Danielle has opened a whole new world of mind-body connection to me. As a current certification student, what I love most about this teaching studio is how wonderfully accommodating and flexible the instructors are making it easy for me to continue working as I study at my own pace. IMT® has given me strength, mobility and pain management after I was injured in a car accident. After experiencing the success of this incredible work first hand I felt the need to share Danielle’s work with others. I want to make people more comfortable and happier to be in their own bodies thereby making their lives more enjoyable! 

Kim Woolridge, Bookkeeper, Second Wind® Method Certification Student


“Second Wind® Method offers truly comprehensive and well-rounded training for the aspiring Pilates teacher. I found I was quickly and easily learning an abundance of fascinating information on anatomy and movement that has served me well and will continue to do so in my teaching career. What I loved the most about training here though, were the people. All of our instructors were kind, loving teachers who really put us, the students, first and showed genuine caring for our success. We were pushed and challenged to be the best we could be in an encouraging and empowering way, which I am quite certain gave me the courage and confidence I needed to really come into my own as a teacher. I have a ways to go and a lot of learning still to do, but the path is exciting and filled with fun and wonder due to the fact that I have such wonderful, open and generous teachers at Second Wind® Method whom, I have no doubt, will always be present to lend a loving, knowledgeable and supporting hand.”

Cristina Chaparro, Second Wind® Method, Mississauga, Ontario, 2014 Second Wind® Method Instructor


“The Second Wind® Method Certification Course has improved my teaching and practice skills in Yoga dramatically. This course has helped me deepen and expand my knowledge of the movement of the human body. When teaching a class, it is crucial to have the ability to analyze the student’s body type and understand their needs to give proper adjustments. Danielle is supportive of all of the students who took the course. They are passionate to teach us with detailed information and hands-on adjustments, until we understand the movement within our own body. I am so grateful for having this great opportunity to study with Danielle Bélec. It is an experience that I will never forget. By taking this course, Danielle has taught me to remind myself that we teach the students the awareness of their mind, body and deep breathing, instead of the pose or physical exercise.”

Yuku Shimizu, Certified Yoga Instructor Relax and Renew Trainer® Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.) Second Wind® Method Certified Instructor


“The Second Wind® Method Certification Course is exceptional. It has allowed me to broaden, both personally and professionally, my experience and understanding of the ways in which movement can enhance and heal not only our physical bodies, but our emotional ones as well. Danielle Bélec is an outstanding instructor who brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience that she delivers with a passion that is compelling.”

Registered Massage Therapist, Certified Sport Massage Therapist


“I cannot believe how much this course has affected my life so far. I find ways to relate what we do to just about everything. Applications seem to be endless! Skating, relationships, love life, family…I love it and love what you do. Truly inspirational and the passion and eloquence with which you convey the lessons keeps me endlessly enamoured! I can’t wait to continue!”

Garnet Suidy, National Level Figure Skater Personal Trainer
Second Wind® Method Instructor


“For me, as much as the work is physical, the aspect of The Second Wind Method that is most potent, in my opinion, is that it is also so much more.  In my experience, it has been about slowing down, paying attention, and having a sense of exploration that moves me away from needing to “get it right.” It’s given me permission to be messy, as learning is messy; and not to being afraid to take things apart in order to then have the courage to take risks as we put things back together to create a completely different movement experiences.

It’s taught me to trust in the natural intelligence of my body, in its ability to assimilate what I teach it and to trust that it knows what to do, if I can only get out of its way. So the physical work becomes a platform from which to dive into the deeper emotional and even spiritual realms, because in being aware of my body, breath and movement and in tapping into my intentions while moving and while maintaining attention to that movement, I become aware of my awareness itself and that blows my mind!  From that place, we can then move beyond the body to include anything and everything while staying centered, grounded and embodied.

“The other beautiful thing about this work is that it’s for everyone. And I find that the people who “get it” and love it, know there is something really special about it even though they may not be able to put their finger on exactly what it is.  Because it’s soul work, in a way, and the ways of the soul can’t be articulated into words, though they can be recognized intuitively.  As we do the work, we know we are healing on some level and remembering more fully who we are.”

Cristina Chapparo, protégé teacher of Danielle Belec, 2020

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